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Hawaiian Fruit Love

Hawaiian fruit rocks. And for many folks so does their BBQ, sweet bread and those syrupy sweet shaved ices that they sell along the beach too! But I am going to stick to some of the good for you stuff for right now.
This time around I went to Honolulu, who’s downtown area reminds me of LA traffic while the Pipeline waves remind me of the ones here in Mex. With that being said nothing really excited me as much as the food actually, which was great well, because it’s great.
There seems to be a farmers market everyday somewhere on the island, which can be driven around in a couple of hours, depending on traffic. I barely caught the best one on Sunday after spending too much time at the swap meet and taking selfies and eating chocolate haupia pie…I guess I was on vacation.



 When I finally made it to Windward Mall, I got a big surprise. See, I’m used to the Union Square Park farmers market in the middle of NYC and this market was smack in the middle of an indoor shopping mall – between a Spencer’s Gifts and a booth selling cellphones and the smell of Auntie Anne’s pretzels. Kind of a sensory overload!

But whatever works.


Many of the vendors had the same things, eggplant, greens, peas and pineapple, but nothing exotic. 
But then I found a spot that had what I was looking for.  I grabbed one of each, and ate as much as I could before my flight because the US State is famously known for not allowing food onto the Mainland US, except Spam of course, that’s apparently really popular on the island, more than any state in the union.
Here’s how it happened!
Anyway, back to the fruit. Here are my picks and pans of the markets offerings. Be sure to look out for these in large specialty food stores. They can also be found every so often in smaller Asian grocery stores. If you’re in Honolulu check out Windward Mall for their current market schedule. 46-056 Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe, HI +1 808-235-1143

Egg_Fruit_2 Sapodilla_Hawaiian_Fruit_2


I love LONGAN!

Anything in the Lychee family is love to me. Eating them are so fun. This variety contains a good amount of Iron plus antioxidants.



Double Love. Especially when I don’t have to eat it out of a package! Contains Vitamin C, Potassium and Fiber.



Tastes like a pear and an apple, two of my faves. Rich in minerals and antioxidants like tannin.



True it does have a similar taste to sweet potato, but I’d need some cinnamon and nutmeg to make it real. To be honest, I’m not sold on this one. Rich in beta carotene and iron.



Not as sour as you’d think. The flesh is a weird pillowy texture that I like. Known to be good for the liver and excellent for juice cleanses.



Not as much as I do pink, but yes, it is a Vitamin C powerhouse just like its colorful cousins.



Crazy with Calcium! And the “Sweet, milky persimmon like texture” description is correct. Not bad.



I think I would’ve liked this if they hadn’t mentioned it’s alleged similarity to chocolate. I love chocolate too much to accept that comparison. Although the texture is interesting,  I’m not a fan. Rich in Potassium and Vitamin C.



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