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Superfood Skype Session

I strive to make the quest for real (good) food…realistic! Changing your habits to healthy can be hard so let’s take a fun approach to the art of eating well.

Great for people who are looking for a few actionable steps.


$150 USD 


1 hour call

1 follow up email



Superfood Restaurant Walk / Biz Talk

As a chef with restaurant experience from 4 Stars to franchises who started her first food biz at age 11, I know how food works. My mission is to help people get more plants on their plates, easily and deliciously.

$150 USD / per hour


in-person meeting

1 follow up email



My Story


I am a recovering “dirty vegan” with over 10 years or raw food and juice detoxing experience

After my PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) test results, I freaked out…and like most folks I followed the doctor’s orders and flew to the pharmacist for the quick fix which lasted 10 years…

…the thought of an even healthier diet made sense, but finding tons of tasty options was always tough

…plus I figured my “dirty vegan” diet of mock meats and packaged pastas was good enough…

but I was wrong.

After many years my symptoms were still there, along with the fear that PCOS would ruin my life with symtoms like weight gain, excessive body hair and infertility…

It was only until I replaced the fake food with REAL FOOD was I able to reverse my symptoms and experience my body in a way I never had (like smoother skin + satisfying sleep)


BREATHE….deeply for an energy boost throughout the day

BALANCE…because flavor is just as important as function

CHEW…because if you don’t, all the good stuff just passes through


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