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Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse

After recently being crowned an honorable “Babe in Plantland” with my Guaco-Choco Chocolate Mousse Smoothie I’ve been obsessed with the combination of avocado and chocolate.

It’s amazing how a food can change when you add different ingredients. Viva the versatility of the avocado, the chameleon of the food kingdom. Full off good fat and fiber, the avocado’s flavor is mild enough to take on a variety of flavors so get creative.

You can literally go from dinner to dessert.

This mousse comes pretty close to the dairy version as long as it’s served super cold. Then it’s just good period,no diet preference necessary. But if its over processed under processed and/or served too warm, it’s then called chocolate flavored avocado, and that’s a completely different thing.


Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Makes about 2 1/2 cups


3 Medium Avocados
10tb Cacao Powder
¼ cup + 1tb Maple Syrup (or sweetener of your choice)
1/4c Milk
1t Pure Vanilla Extract
pinch of Sea Salt


1. Blend until completely smooth, and not a second more! Serve very chilled


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