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The Official Story

Born in a town of 400 in South Carolina, Chef Lynnette Astaire started her first food business at age 11 in Chicago after becoming fed up with school lunch. She got her professional start in NYC, eventually moving to Oaxaca, Mexico where she hosted wellness retreats. She holds a degree from NYC’s School of Visual Arts.

Currently in Los Angeles, Lynnette is the Founder and CEO Superfood School, which helps people of all diets to get more plants on their plates through products and programming. Their innovative work in the wellness world has earned the company media features on KTLA and collaborations with thought leadership conference Summit Series and more.

Lynnette’s past career in the arts, her inclusive outlook on wellness plus her healing of personal illness through diet makes her a creative, authentic and diverse figure for the future of food. 


The Cute Story

My name is Lynnette and I am a food lover 🙂

Although I don’t do dietary labels, my day-to-day dishes are predominately plant-based. I’ve used my lifelong interest in healthy food to overcome PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and to keep me ageless 🙂

I’ve created Superfood School to help people get more plants on their plates, no matter their diet – but when it comes down to it, my favorite food simply may be a bowl of cereal… coming to a grocery aisle near you 😉

I also love: opening coconuts with machetes, throwing raging dinner turned dance parties, playing Law & Order SVU in the background while I answer email, playing around with crypto, hoping I’ll play cello again, learning to be a decent long distance runner while continuing to be a sub-par surfer…

The Whole Story

Speaking of kidstuff, my life journey began in a town of 400 and my food journey began in Chicago when I was 11, with a piece of Salisbury Steak. (if you went to school in the States like me, then your lunch likely sucked… and it likely included Salisbury Steak.)

For those that don’t know, Salisbury Steak* is the epitome of processed food. Animal parts, gluten-y binders and unpronounceable preservatives formed into a patty…with grill marks PAINTED on them.

To make matters worse, the sauce turns into a gelatin substance once it’s cold…

I remember vividly that night telling my mother that I wanted – actually needed to start making my own lunch. From there, my interest in food grew. That summer I tried growing corn (which was an epic fail) and by middle school I started a business selling Rice Krispie Treats to students (and teachers.) Although it wasn’t the healthiest, the seed of entrepreneurialism through food was planted.

During art college in New York, I worked part-time in all things food; from an internship at Family Circle Magazine to 5 star Restaurants, I learned as much as I could about the art of eating.  Although I ate relatively healthy, my health still wasn’t the best.

In fact, the post 9/11 effects hit me pretty hard. At one point, medication from a related allergy stripped enamel off my teeth and at the same time I had PCOS problems and to make things worse, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer… for the second time.

It was at that point, I ditched the meds and focused on food.

I took nutrition courses and started to green juice fast. I used my work money to travel the world and explore every way I could to make vegetables taste delicious. Slowly but surely I cut more and more processed foods out of my diet.

It was working.

Fast forward to today: my daily diet is 80% plant based, my PCOS symptoms have disappeared, my weight, skin and energy levels are great and people find it very hard to believe I’m still not in my 20’s.

I ultimately heard my calling, quit my career in the arts and entertainment industry and launched Superfood School to educate and empower others on the benefits of a plant based diet.

The Philosophy

Ask ANY licensed medical professional and they are all going to tell you that a plant-based diet is ideal. 

It is the blueprint for ANY health promoting diet.

Eating these foods will naturally reduce or maintain a healthy weight and fulfill ANY of your wildest dreams…..well not quite the last one but when you’re healthy and happy, WHY NOT?

The Business

Superfood School is essentially a guide of everything that I’ve shared before launching the business during my in-person consults and retreats (even some of the jokes).

Once you learn these timeless techniques you’re set for life (because once you can prepare a food a million different ways, you really are). 

There are a lot of diet and meal plans out there but at the end of the day no one gets to the foundation of  food freedom. Converting to this diet 100% of the time is very hard but using it as your go to for healthy foods is the first step.

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*Ironically the inventor of Salisbury Steak, James Salisbury M.D believed that vegetables were the leading cause of heart disease, tumors and mental illness!

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