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5 Foods to Fly With

Looking for healthy food while flying has never been easy. These days a few airlines have expanded their menu with healthy bites but most of it is still a no eat zone. On shorter flights it’s easy to eat a big bon voyage meal ahead of time, but longer flights require a little strategy.

When it comes to packing food for a flight, leaving from home is easiest (leftovers anyone?), leaving from someone else home is second easiest and leaving from a hotel can be tricky (but still doable). Here are a few recipes and tricks that work no matter where you’re leaving from.



If you’re going to pack anything, let it be fresh ginger and lemon/lime to chop up for hot tea. Airplanes are notoriously cold and full of germs and believe me, whatever teabag your flight is offering pales in comparison to this brew. Lemon and limes are some of the richest sources of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C and ginger is excellent for motion sickness and digestion. This mix is guaranteed to keep your immune system up because it’s nothing worse than arriving sick.



Upgrade your smoothie bought at the gate with spirulina powder. Each 2tb serving has 8g of protein and 50% of the DRV of iron. Iron helps to prevent oxygen deprivation throughout the body. This powder travels well so pack extra so you’re already prepared at your destination. Be sure to mix well.



What’s a trail without a trail mix? Trail mixes are easy to transport, nutritious, tasty and most of all filling. Carbs, Protein and (healthy) Fats are all covered in a simple mix of peanut, raisin and dried coconut. Throw in a little dark chocolate for a healthy tropical Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.




Fresh fruits and veggies are a must but are bound to get bumped and bruised in transit. Choose more durable produce, preferably with an edible skin for easy cleanup. Avocado (good fat), apple (fiber) and banana (potassium, b-6) do well.


Rice, beans, quinoa and grilled meat are easy add-ins to a premade salad bought at the gate or on the plane. Just fill in a zip lock bag and you’ve got yourself an instant protein and carb boost. Pack your dressings like your lotion, 3.4oz or less and you’re good. I’m all about ranch dressing so my homemade mix is always on deck. Check out the easy and healthy recipe here



Flying can be pretty drying so it’s recommended to drink at least 8oz of water for every hour of flight time. You can buy an overpriced bottle at the gate or bring an empty 1.5L bottle through security to fill up past security.

Airplane hot water is actually pretty gross as well so it’s best to travel with a thermos, Fill your thermos with hot water at one of the cafes for free. Starbucks has reverse osmosis water which is a huge plus. I prefer that over some bottled water.

Travel Safe!


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