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Double Duty: Travel Essentials for Foodies

Double Duty: Travel Essentials for Foodies

Travel essentials can vary from person to person but if you’re a naturalista like me then you probably follow the rule that what you put on your skin should pretty much be edible, since the skin is the largest organ. So when you hit the road, take these three double duty beauty foodies (say that fast five times) to reduce your stash.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Sometimes I can be the Mary Katherine Gallagher of travel and work up a stressed sweat so I always pack a small bottle of ACV. It’s an odor neutralizing deodorant, plumping skin toner and pH balancing hair spray. Plus a teaspoon of it first thing in the AM with a glass of water is an excellent alkalizing tonic and helps to promote healthy gut bacteria. Check out more ACV facts.


Turmeric root has long been the star of Indian Ayurveda and has gained popularity because of its promising cancer fighting properties and more. Indian women have used the powder for centuries as a brightening face mask plus its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties aid in the treatment of acne, eczema and more. Just mix with ingredients that’s best for your skin type, let dry then rinse well. While you’re masking, enjoy it hot as a relaxing drink. The root’s warming properties will help soothe jet lag and travel troubles. FYI: Turmeric has a tendency to stain EVERYTHING so be prepared.

Olive Oil

It’s a known fact that olive oil is excellent for skin and hair moisturizing, shaving and makeup removal and can of course be used to eat in moderation. The Vitamin E Rich oil has a comedogenic rating of 2 (moderately low), soothes inflamed skin and fights free radicals. Be sure to moisturize before your flight to fight dry skin and get hip to oil cleansing if you’re headed to a drier destination.

TIP: Always bring your ACV, as it can be hard to find and can vary in quality, but if you’re headed to let’s say the Mediterranean or Morocco,  leave your olive oil and turmeric at home and hold out for the good stuff when you get there!


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