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I recently worked with Gary Vee’s Vayner Media for Simi Wine’s Bring Out that Boss ad campaign now showing on Hulu and other streaming services.

This is all thanks to my commercial agent, Doug at Blu Talent – who I serendipitously met at a birthday dinner a few friends were brash enough to put together in my honor during the pandemic.

Whats really special about this ad spot is that it features all female entrepreneurs with very unique endeavors. Plus… it’s always a plus to star in a commercial as yourself with your brand (while starring in someone else’s commercial for their brand while also getting paid for it) – it’s the next best thing to having a commercial of your own 🙂

In addition to a ton of “I see you” texts from friends and a bump in donations to Superfood School it just felt good as a former art school kid to be back on set where I actually know what’s happening (to the shock of the crew.)

In the journey of life, “circle backs” like these are so important to give perspective on not only where you’ve been… but how it’s always still there inside of you.

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