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Advising with SEE-LA

Years ago a mentor of mine told me that I was a part of the rare few founders who can truly use “both sides of their brain” — apparently not every one can edit in Final Cut and create financial formulas in Excel, lol.

It’s helped me to stay really greatful for the circuitous career path that my art degree has taken me — and most importantly the ability to now help others with what I’ve learned.

I’m stoked to be in year 2 of my advising role with SEE-LA which is a Los Angeles based organization who’s role includes supporting small food businesses. Every year a cohort of around 10 work on various aspects of their business with SEE-LA and the various industry experts they bring in, myself included. My sweet spot is helping people with their marketing / creative direction as well as overall strategy for their business. I take a pretty holistic approach that includes factoring in founder wellness as well as operational ideas, you know, both sides of the brain 😉

Learn more about SEE-LA here.

Here’s a recent webinar covering marketing, branding and networking AKA vibes! Lots of actionable steps for those just starting out plus a few gems for those looking for a fresh perspective. 

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