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Vegan Pesto Recipe

Yes, a vegan pesto recipe. And yes, fellow cheese heads, it actually tastes JUST as good AND it stores longer. Pesto is a nutritional no brainer – for one its green and for two it’s all made fresh.

Basil has excellent antibacterial properties and is super high in Vitamin K, which is great for maintaining the health of your bone cells. Pine nuts provide protein and more, but if you’re on a budget or not a fan of having the infamous “pine mouth,” sunflower seeds or cashews are great substitutes. If you want maximum cheesy flavor, be sure to add the nutritional yeast which provides some great B Vitamins.

Last but not least garlic is commonly known as an immune booster, antibiotic and vampire fighter but not when I look like this of course 😉



Vegan Pesto Recipe

Makes about 2 cups


2c Basil

3/4c Pine Nuts

2 Garlic Cloves

1/2c Olive Oil

1 1/2tbs Braggs Liquid Aminos or Tamari or Soy

1/4c Nutritional Yeast (optional (not raw), add for more savory flavor)


1. Blend all ingredients until creamy!


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