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10 Fruit Flavored Water Ideas

Upgrade your water! Get infatuated with infusion with these 10 fruit flavored water recipes that will keep you happy, healthy and hydrated. 


Water can be boring, and most folks don’t get enough because it’s just not fun. Making an infusion of fruit flavored water is a way to keep things exciting while keeping you healthy and hydrated.

Although there are flavored waters on sale everywhere it seems, many of them are filled with additives that defeat the purpose of drinking water in the first place. Plus all it takes is a small amount of fruit you have on hand to transform your daily intake of H2O. It’s an easy win.


Rules of Infusion

1. You. must. MUDDLE. All mojito makers know the importance of muddling herbs and berries to release flavor. If you don’t have a muddler on hand use a wooden spoon or grab one here. 


2. For best flavor, chill your mix overnight to allow everything to infuse.


3. To keep your drink crystal clear avoid bananas and mangoes. These fleshy fruits tend to cloud your drink and are harder to drink.


4. Don’t forget to remove your pits!


5. Need even more variety? Get fizzy with it! Seltzer water is still water, right?


 1. Cucumber + Mint + Lime

I always call this “Spa Water” because it seems like every spa offers this same combination and for good reason. The lime is refreshing, the cucumber is hydrating and mint is an excellent antioxidant. It’s also inexpensive and has a longer shelf life than other fruit flavored waters.




Here are my other favorite combos:

2. Basil + Blueberry

3. Pineapple + Cherry + Apple

4. Pear + Ginger

5. Kiwi + Strawberry

6. Lemon + Lime + Grapefruit + Orange

7. Rosemary + Watermelon

8. Strawberry + Jalepeno + Cucumber

9. Orange + Raspberry

10. Hibiscus + Lime 


On the run? Water on the go has gotten easier with portable water infusers like these, more info here.


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