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The Speed Project

Despite the fact that I literally started running solo as a chance to own wins (and losses) that didn’t involve putting up with other people’s (I.e work) I ditched the LA marathon last minute for The Speed Project and I’m humbled and grateful for the experience.

The Speed Project is an unsanctioned footrace from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. It begins at the Santa Monica Pier and finishes at the iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign at the edge of the city, right next to the airport. 300 + miles of madness.

I love most that this relay running adventure with womens initiative Girl Gang Crazy was with a team of black and brown women who’s experience ranged from multi-marathons to just starting in January… while bringing the nails, the braids, the body-ody and most importantly, finishing the race injury (and drama) free.

I know the world thrives off of extreme acts like these but I sincerely hope this inspires you to take a small run (or walk) around the block… or two… or ten, either way you got this…. your longevity depends on it.



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