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Running Recovery is a Full Time Job

Wow. Running recovery, physically and financially can be pricey! Everyone advised me everything else about marathon training except the amount of TIME and money it takes for an ideal recovery – which is critical.

After these past few months I can totally believe NFL Quarterback Russell Wilson spending $1m on his body per year because this 4oz Therabody CBD massage oil was $70 alone… then the time it takes for the massage itself at home… or the money to get one for $150 at a spa like Exhale. Plus a physio place like Myodetox to tune you up at around $180. Then ideally some ice baths, sauna etc – cha-ching, cha-ching chaching. The more miles you run the more bills you are likely to run up.

Nevertheless, I was blessed by Garmin via Girl Gang Crazy with a $350 watch that gives me a more accurate pace (and also showed me the exact moment I had a meltdown over car keys) and overall data assisting with recovery. TBH, I’m weird about wearable tech but let’s see how this goes!

My $99 pink massage gun saved a few hundred dollars vs. the Theragun. It doesn’t replace stretching or massage (so that’s more time) I do usually before bed. It’s great for finding all the hidden kinks on your body that need more than kneading.

Although my post-run stretch ends up being whatever position my body calls for, I have a map on my mat of what yoga pose I might be doing lol.

I eat and drink a lot more but ironically don’t want to cook 🤷🏽‍♀️ the fatigue is real. Although I still have to eat, these concentrated forms of nutrition are clutch. Thanks to Kat Cole president of Athletic Greens + Chris Manderino founder of Lyfe Fuel for sending me these time savers. They are $99 and $50 a month.

Instead of Epsom salt baths I use pure magnesium for hot soaks. With the skin being the largest organ you are more effectively soaking in minerals and relaxing the muscles and reducing inflammation. I love baths but hate having to take them…. more time lol.

Food-wise, training is a trip and I’ve picked up a few cravings, namely roasted squash, French toast, pears, Doozy Pots mint chocolate chip and of course my Lettuce Grow greens.

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