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Decoding Your Produce Label

What’s in a label? And no I don’t mean fashion, I’m talking a produce label.

There are so many labels in a grocery store, who can imagine knowing what they all mean, with the exception of price of course. But also very important if not more important are the ingredients.

Produce labels are required by law to be visible all items in some form, whether it a sticker, band or tag. The label states the type of produce along with a numbered code.

The code indicates how something is grown, for organic: 5 digit code starting with 9, for conventional: 4 digit code starting with 3 or 4 and for genetically modified: 5 digit code starting with 8. Luckily most shops have plenty of other signs reminding you if you forget.

Download and share this fun info-graphic to help you and yours on your next grocery trip.

For more important foodie facts, grab my produce storage guide here.





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