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How to Avoid a Holiday Food Fight

Happy Memorial Day to all of our USA friends. Today we celebrate the lives that have
been lost and hopefully reflect on the value of our own.

FYI all our foreign friends, this holiday officially kicks off the summer BBQ
"cookout" season. (lots of meat, salt and sweets)

So if you're eating consciously, today can be tricky (unless it's cheat day of course)

With new diet preferences popping up everyday, the philosophy of food is becoming
more charged than politics or religion! So it's only fair to respond to any question
or comment about your lifestyle the same way as religion or politics.The short answer is, in my experience, is to say nothing.
"No comment." That's how how I do it (Unless someone is truly interested in my services then we can talk ALL DAY lol) If I had a dollar for every time I was confronted about my diet at a social gathering I'd be a billionaire. (And it's not even that extreme) BUT WHY ARE WE SO SENSITIVE? Because unlike religion or politics, WE control what we any discussion about it is automatically a personal attack...and if one is doing different than another (and for the better) it automatically puts one "above" another in a way, making the other super self-conscious. Sometimes without a word being said. At the end of the day, there is a cost of doing different, it can make others feel like they should defend their actions, even if nothing was actually said to them. Engaging in their discomfort makes it worse. And like mama said, someone who is going to start a fight (in this case a heated discussion) about ANYTHING will continue to fight regardless because it was never about YOU in the first place. Enjoy the day and as always #LiveByExample L. 

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