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NYC Marathon

My thought has always been “if I wake up and push myself physically before I can read someone’s potentially terrible email” I would’ve already won the day. That physical push has an effect that really makes anything else that comes our way less stressful… because we should not be activating our flight or fight response in a sedentary position… over an email lol.

Almost 3 years to the day is when I started started running. Essentially because of work anxiety (AKA terrible emails) but ultimately to take myself to the next level. To train and complete in one of the biggest marathons in the world is an accomplishment and I’m excited to see how this spills over into my life’s work.

To have accomplished this in literally the worst year of my life means more than anything. Turns out turning tears into triumph is a thing… grieving into achieving… and so on and so forth.

I always thought Chicago would be my first marathon but when this NYC opportunity fell in my lap 12 weeks ago it all made sense and I got up off my ass.

TBH, the hardest part about the NY Marathon was getting the damn bib lol. Otherwise, not even a blister for an injury which I’m grateful because I didn’t do a good job at strength training. I’ll take that for my first time… and no better place to be than NYC, who’s streets I know like no other.

Nevertheless, I may never run another full marathon again or I might run a 50 mile ultra who knows but running on a regular basis helps keeps me out of the jail and/or the psych ward hahah so it’s here to stay 🙂


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