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Dream Dinner Party

Was wildness spending the summer working with dear friend and fellow foodie Leiti Hsu for her Dream Dinner Party series in my old home of NYC. She and I had talked about working together (and even shared a NY Times feature a while back) so it was cool to finally collaborate on her edgy cabaret dinner concept featuring flamenco, ballet, storytelling and a rotating cast of characters hosted at Gospel nightclub in Soho every month.

Since I only contribute one course to the dinners (Superfood School’s umami mushrooms) I spend the rest of the night wearing one of the pretty pieces that Harmonia NY provides for the performers and engaging with guests who’s ticket purchase helps support Superfood School.

Be sure to check out a recap of a recent night below – still photos don’t do an experience like this justice. Looking forward to seeing how Leiti expands the concept!




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