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Winter Solstice Yoga with Anna Cantwell

Yesterday’s yoga session changed me and I did not set out to be changed…but I guess thats the way it goes.

To top it off, it was the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, the turning point where we begin to get more sun again. Any type of natural event like this is powerful for all of us regardless if you recognize it. 

Throughout history, celebrating the solstice has been a way to renew our connection with each other through acts of goodwill, special rituals, and heightened awareness.

Despite all of this knowledge, I almost forgot, leading up to the day I thought about it a few times but when it arrived I was of course distracted. 

Although it may appear that I am a yoga expert or something, I am far from it. I just know that stretching is important and that’s what yoga essentially is… so I do it. I only know a few names of the poses and that’s only because they are the easiest, shivasana or from this one song of Lupe Fiasco’s “Adoration of the Magi” that names a bunch of them out.

Anywhoo, yogi homie Anna Cantwell, AKA @yog_anna invited me for a private session. We’d worked together a few weeks prior at one of my Yoga + Brunch Workshops and became a fan after attending one of her Cannabis Yoga sessions.

In retrospect my location choice, Venice Beach was not the best idea; it was literally the first day of winter and for LA standards it was cold (59F) and for LA (Lynnette Astaire) standards it was freezing.

And I chose to wear nothing but shorts and a sports bra.

And I’m ALWAYS cold…unless it’s hot.

And I am usually distracted.

I’m rarely completely focused on one thing. To be honest it borders ADD proportions. There is always a voice inside or a distraction outside that I allow (unfortunately) to creep in.

Plus I was pretty hungry.

But yesterday, no one existed, the apple I forgot to bring was forgotten and my half naked body somehow was warmed while the world around me was fully clothed, even the surfers in wetsuits.

And I don’t even remember the music. And I always remember the music.

So was yesterday true yoga? Is that what its really about? Working through your discomfort and distractions?

Whatever it was I have definitely gained a new fascination with growth, development and most importantly…


We can all do it, if we want to, with enough effort.

I’m blaming it all on Anna. Thank you for a super (solstice) session!



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