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What Are The Best Things To Do In Phuket? 

If you’ve decided to visit Phuket in Thailand on your travels, you’ve made a great choice – there’s so much to do and see there that it really could be the one place in the world you’ll never forget. If you thought Thailand was only about partying and drinks, then you’ve only got half the story, and the truth is there’s so much more to see. With that in mind, keep reading to find out more about precisely what the best things to do in Phuket actually are. 

Explore The Beaches 

If there’s one thing that Phuket is renowned for, it’s its pristine golden beaches and gorgeous waters, so while you’re there, you mustn’t miss out on spending at least a little time enjoying them. Patong Beach is a lively example, it’s ideal if you want to give water sports a go or you fancy getting involved in the vibrant nightlife. Then there’s Karon Beach, which is much quieter and more relaxed, and because the sea is so clear, it’s one of the best places for snorkeling and scuba diving. 


No matter which of the many beaches you pick, you’re sure to enjoy it there, relaxing or having fun (or both!) for days at a time. Of course, as much fun as the beaches are, there are other things to do as well, so make sure you leave time for them.

Visit The Big Buddha 

There are some very famous sites in Thailand, but perhaps the most famous of them all is the Big Buddha. This is a huge landmark that stands at a massive 45 meters tall right at the top of the Nakkerd Hills. Once you get up there, you’ll have some wondering views of Phuket, and you’ll also get to see the Big Buddha up close, which isn’t something the majority of people can say they’ve done. 


Plus, even before you get there, the journey is an experience in itself, with winding roads through forests and jungles and loads of places to take some gorgeous photos to help your memories when you get home. 

Stay In A Luxury Resort 

You can stay in all kinds of different places in Phuket, including some cheap hostels and even Air B’n’Bs, but if you really want to make the most of your time in Thailand, why not invest in a luxury hotel like Cape Panwa resorts


By choosing a gorgeous hotel to go home to at the end of a busy day of sightseeing, you’ll be completely comfortable and feel as though you’re really having a great time. Plus, if you need some relaxation time because you’ve been so busy, staying somewhere will all the facilities you might need is the best choice; you’ll always be able to do whatever it is you want. 

Old Phuket Town 

Another thing to do when you’re in Phuket is to check out Old Phuket Town, which is full of the history of the area and gives you a glimpse into how things used to be. If you love architecture and beautiful things, this is the place to go because it gives you a fantastic view of some stunning buildings and intricate detailing. There are also lots of local museums to visit, and if you like the idea of trying local cuisine, this is the place to do it, whether you opt for street food or a restaurant. 

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