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Strawberry Parfait Recipes

The best thing about all strawberry parfait recipes is that they are easy to begin with.

Regardless of what ingredients you use — cake, fruit and cream is all you need. It’s up to you on how healthy you make it. This recipe is apart of my free ebook Crave that features classic desserts like these done deliciously different. Get it here.

The thing is, all strawberry parfait recipes are not created equal. In my experience the cake can be cheap and too dry or gourmet and too wet. The macadamia nut flour gives these a light fluffy balance where other nuts like pecan would make it too mushy, which is AMAZING in my Peaches Galore Cobbler – but not for this. At all. The strawberries on the other hand can be overripe and are more ideal since half of it will be a syrup. 

These two strawberry parfait recipes are about as healthy as you can get in the parfait department.

They’re non-dairy, gluten-free and paleo which in my opinion cancels out the high (good fat) content. Macadamia nuts only contain monounsaturated fats which is way better than saturated fat and even worse trans fat. I fell in love with macadamia nuts when I was in Hawaii, because they were so cheap there and I could eat more. If you’re headed to Hawaii or want to learn more about Hawaiian tropical fruit peep my post here and my L.A friends give my Wahoo’s Maui Bowl recipe a try.


Strawberry Parfait Recipes 

Serves 2


3/4c Macadamia Nuts (or peeled Almonds)

10 Strawberries Sliced ¼”

3/4 c Coconut Cream**

2tsp Coconut Oil (optional, helps to set the syrup)

2tb Real Maple Syrup or Raw Agave (optional, for more sweetness)

Raw and organic ingredients are ideal


1. Process Macadamia nuts into a very fine powder

2. Blend ½ Strawberries with Agave into a thick syrup

3. Starting with the mac nut powder, layer ingredients 1” thick

4. Be sure to layer ingredients so that the top layer is strawberry mixture

5. Top with cream


**So numero dos of my strawberry parfait recipes is simple…switch the cream. Not everyone can find it, so you can always substitute for a store bought yogurt or make your own from this recipe here from Choosing Raw.

Leftover strawberries? Use them to make my Red Velvet Cake Smoothie.

Want to try more classic desserts? Get Crave, my free starter recipe guide to raw food — specially made for dessert lovers. Just add your email to my Live List in the signup box below.




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