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How To Throw The Best Festive Dinner Party

We are finally into December and the festive feeling is hitting hard. With our festive nights out, work parties and nights planned there is no excuse to not have the Christmas spirit. If you have never thrown a festive dinner party before then this is your year. They are a great way to get together with friends, family and loved ones so you can catch up and spend the evening with love, laughter and fun. Here are a few ways to help you throw a dinner party to remember.


Mix Up The Menu


There are a lot of different dietary styles so if you aren’t sure of everyone attending it is best to have alternatives just in case. That could be some perfect plant-based options or something non-dairy. You don’t always have to have finger food options. You could theme it with some of your favourites like Italian or Mexican. A great option is a delicious chicken enchilada soup for dinner tonight or perfect for your party. You could also try something more classic like a decadent mac and cheese or a roast dinner charcuterie. 


Throw A Themed Party


Themed dinner parties are always fun, they go the extra mile and it is a great experience with everyone showing the effort they put into themed nights. You could try something like Harry Potter and have Harry Potter-inspired food, and costumes and even watch a film. A fun option to get everyone involved and help cut down on costs is to host a ‘Bring a board night’. This is where you each choose a colour for example then bring a serving board with foods all in that colour. You can end up with such a fun and funky mix of party food options. 


Decorate Your Heart Out


A surefire way to have people in awe of your parties is to have top-notch decorations. They don’t always have to cost a bomb, there are so many different ways to make your own decorations at home for a fraction of the cost. Try to think outside of the box with decorations. You can have the basics like party serveware, balloons, banners and themed plates and cups, but try to do something extra like table decorations, a photo wall or even a pinata. 


Throw More Than One


If you don’t want to have a huge dinner party with all of your loved ones then don’t worry and throw a few smaller ones. You could have one for family members or siblings only. One for your besties and another one for all of your kids in your family. By having smaller ones you can have something more cosy and intimate which can also be a lot less overwhelming. You could have a meal and board games with family which is fun and relaxing. Then you could have a wine and cheese night with your besties and watch your favourite festive films and finally for the kids in your family or your children’s school friends you can have a festive game night with make your own hot chocolate station. 


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