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How To Plan A Relaxed Retreat To Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is considered one of the most beautiful spots in the world to visit on your travels. Known as ‘The Jewel of the Siera’ it’s North America’s biggest alpine lake. Twenty-two miles long and twelve miles wide, it was formed more than two million years ago, so is a historic site in itself.

It’s an area known for its beaches and ski resorts, attracting many tourists from America and around the world annually. There’s a lot to get up to if you’re visiting for the first time or the tenth time.

Planning a relaxed retreat to Lake Tahoe is certainly common and something that many enjoy doing. Of course, it’s important to plan ahead and know how to make your escape to Lake Tahoe a relaxed experience to remember.

With that being said, here’s everything you need for a relaxed retreat to Lake Tahoe this year or in the near future.


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Don’t plan every minute of your relaxed retreat

While Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas are fairly relaxed, there are still plenty of activities that you can get up to. As it’s situated near places like Sacramento and Yosemite National Park, there are plenty of opportunities to explore and jam-pack your schedule.

However, as this is a relaxed retreat, you don’t want to be planning out every minute of your trip. Otherwise, it can quickly become a scheduled itinerary that doesn’t allow you any downtime or quiet moments you might need on this escape.

With that being said, try to plan anything loosely, and don’t commit yourself to anything that might be too much. Lake Tahoe is a peaceful area, connected to plenty of nature so it’s worth slowing down the speed of your vacation. Less is more when you’re looking to go on a relaxed retreat. 

Stay active with a number of different sports activities

While it’s important to slow down, you don’t want to rule out your activities completely. It’s all about doing these activities at a more relaxed pace. Staying active and trying out a number of different sports activities is definitely something worth doing while you’re visiting Lake Tahoe.

As mentioned, it’s an area known for its ski resorts and beaches. Depending on what sports activities you’ve tried in the past, you might want to give skiing a go or perhaps book a paddleboard in Lake Tahoe.

There’s nothing better than getting the blood pumping around the body, even if it’s at a relaxed pace. It’s good to keep active both physically and mentally. With plenty of outdoor sports to take advantage of, you’ll come back feeling refreshed and energized from your retreat.

Limit screen time

Limiting screen time is important when it comes to going on a relaxed retreat anywhere in the world. It’s often hard to switch off when you’re at home. Whether that’s endlessly scrolling through social media feeds or needing to use technology in the workplace, tearing yourself away from the screen is harder than said.


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However, when you’re purposely going away to relax and enjoy a vacation retreat in Lake Tahoe, see it as an opportunity to switch off from the digital side of life completely if you can.

Limiting screen time is a great way to detox from the online world. For some, they might want to switch off completely! It’s something that is highly effective in helping you switch off from the outside world and really spend time on yourself.

Make time for a spa day

Talking of spending time on yourself, there’s nothing better than organizing a retreat that involves a pamper day or two. Why not get yourself a massage while you’re visiting the area or perhaps set up your own pamper station, wherever you’re staying during your retreat?

It’s not often that we indulge ourselves in self-care, for fear of it being too self-indulgent or selfish. However, in order to look after yourself, it’s important to do more self-care on a daily or weekly basis. While you’re on vacation, there’s no better time than to spend a little time on yourself whether that’s getting a massage or giving yourself a facial with a sheet mask.

You’ll likely find plenty of options out there for massages and spa days, so do a little research online before traveling to Lake Tahoe.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches in the area

Lake Tahoe is known mainly for its beaches. In fact, there are over forty to choose from in total. Yes, you’re very much spoilt for choice!

There are a number of great beaches in the area that are worth visiting, so if you’re struggling to know which ones to visit during your retreat, here are a few to pop on your list.

  • Sand Harbor Beach

55 acres of beach in Sand Harbor and offers one of the best beaches on the lake itself. You can enjoy a picnic, take a walk amongst the expanse of sunny sand, and enjoy plenty of swimming areas. There’s also a cove dedicated to Scuba divers if you are one!

  • Baldwin Beach 

Baldwin Beach is a great option that’s great for families and backs up onto a meadow that provides wonderful views of Mount Tallac. You’ll get a lot of sunshine on this beach, so make sure to pack an umbrella for shade.

  • Secret Cove 

For local naturists, the Secret Cove is a great spot for those who want a more adult-driven beach. This beach is one of the most beautiful on Lake Tahoe and the cove itself is wonderful for swimming. It’s also a great spot for snorkeling, especially when it comes to exploring Lake Tahoe’s underwater world.

Appreciate the sights while hiking

To maximize your relaxed retreat, it’s highly recommended that you take on a few hiking trails while in Lake Tahoe. Like the ski resorts and beaches, the area is known for having some truly beautiful hiking paths to explore.

If you’re someone who loves walking and getting outdoors, then there really is nothing better than appreciating the sights surrounding the lake and the lake itself of course.

Take a few books with you

In order to have a relaxed vacation in Lake Tahoe, it’s certainly worth taking a few books with you during your stay. There’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing with a good book in your hands, and sipping on your favorite beverage of choice.

Books are a great way to relax and to escape into a world that’s not your own. Lake Tahoe has a lot of beautiful spots you could whisk yourself off to and enjoy some personal time to yourself. Whether you’re traveling to Lake Tahoe as a lone traveler or you’re enjoying it with a partner or family, everyone needs a little time to themselves.


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Make sure to pack a few books in your luggage or save on space by loading all your books onto a Kindle or mobile device for ease of transport.

Connect with nature and meditate 

Finally, when it comes to enjoying a relaxed retreat, there’s nothing better than connecting with nature and meditating. Lake Tahoe is the ideal spot to reconnect with your mind and body in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. You really are surrounded by nature when it comes to vacationing in this part of the world.

Planning a relaxed retreat is most certainly, a well-deserved treat. With that being said, use these tips to maximize your adventures to Lake Tahoe this year or in the near future, whenever you might be planning such an excursion. 


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