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How Can I Tell If I Have Untreated Anxiety?

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Anxiety, in some respects, is quite normal. Life is unpredictable, and almost everyone would be lying if they said they never worried about the future or were uncertain about how life is going. Even the toughest person can feel a little bit nervous before a first date, a job interview, or having to initiate a disagreement or conflict in the most suitable scenario.

Anyone interested in fitness and health will no doubt understand the importance of managing their mental energy and health. In fact, the approach towards personal fitness and health itself can be a way of treating it, even if that’s not the only method, nor should you restrict yourself to it. 

However, it’s important to note that sometimes, you can live through anxiety without really knowing you’ve been doing so. Sure, if the anxiety hasn’t been crippling and chronic, you might have been able to compartmentalize it successfully thus far, and that can be a form of victory. But if you wanted to be a little more direct, you might look to robust methods.

The question remains – how can I tell if I have untreated anxiety? It’s a good question, and there’s no shame in asking it. Let’s discuss the possible answers, below:


Racing Thoughts & Overactive Mind

Racing thoughts can be debilitating to anyone, but especially those who might not understand what they imply. An overactive mind before an event, before meeting someone, or even just at home can imply you may be more stressed, nervous, or anxious than you realize. If you find it hard to focus, to be serene and alert, and to focus on your healthiest sense of self-care, these measures can be wonderful to take part in.


Changes In Appetite When Stressed

Your appetite is often a good indicator of your general health. A healthy appetite should fire roughly three or more times a day, you should feel hungry for a full meal each time, and for the most part, this should be consistent over the days and weeks. Yet if you find that you either cannot eat, find comfort in more food than usual on a regular and escalating basis, or find that you limit yourself because it feels too stressful to eat, there could be a problem. Some supplements may help make up the difference in helping you relax enough to feel hungry, like those from CBDistillery, but overall visiting a doctor and informing them of your appetite changes can be healthy.


Mood Instability & Impact On Daily Life

It’s fine to have various moods throughout the day of course, but if you’ve noticed that your current mood is less stable than it could be, or that you’re struggling with basic tasks, or that you become irate more easily than before, or perhaps you find yourself feeling shame in a social group for no apparent reason, then it could be your anxiety is playing tricks on you. Consider your emotional stability, and any hard and fast changes can be properly explored through mental health support.


With this advice, you’re sure to have a better idea of untreated anxiety, and where to go from there.

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