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Vegan Banana Smoothie Recipe: Banana Butterscotch

A vegan banana smoothie recipe without Maca powder is impossible to me. The butterscotch flavor blends perfectly with the creamy banana and milk — there is no turning back! If you’ve checked out my True Blood Truffle recipe then you know I am crazy about this Peruvian root. For women it helps to relieve menstrual issues, for men it is dubbed “natures Viagra,” and for everyone it increases energy levels — and for some it even helps with acne!

Start off with a 2t dose of Maca, check your energy levels then increase up to 2tb. To keep your hormones balanced be sure to use in Maca in moderation (a few times a week) and if you are pregnant or nursing avoid it completely.

This smoothie can average around 500 calories with 15g of protein



Banana Butterscotch:  Vegan Banana Smoothie Recipe

1-2 Ripe & Frozen Bananas

10oz Almond Milk

2tb Nut Butter (Almond is my fave for this)

2t – 2tb Maca Powder (no Maca? get it here)

For an extra protein boost add 1-2tb of ground amaranth

1. Blend!

Need some variety?

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