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Top 4 Shows To Binge This Holiday Season

Bingeing on your favorite shows has become an activity many households love, especially during the holiday season. The arrival of streaming has made this more accessible than ever. According to a recent survey, many people are frequently engaged in serial viewing and binge-watching. Yet, the staggering number of TV shows emerging almost every week makes it almost impossible to keep up or filter through what’s truly worth your precious time. Finding the right show that makes you forget your worries and have a good laugh can be relaxing. That said, below are four top shows worth binging this holiday season. 

  • Ted Lasso 


Ted Lasso, an eleven-time Emmy-winning comedy-drama that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, began as a short promo for NBC’s Premier League broadcast. Jason Sudeikis is great as the poster boy who accepts a head coaching position for London-based AFC Richmond despite having no soccer experience. Ted Lasso accompanies him on his quests to change the game and the sidelines, drawing the other endearing players into his real life. The soccer-centered TV show is available for streaming on Apple TV+.

  • Peaky Blinders 


If you’re in for some crime and drama, the popular show Peaky Blinders is the perfect option to keep you glued to your seat. This gangster family classic, set in early 19th-century England, revolves around a gang that sews razor blades into the tops of their hats. Meanwhile, their ferocious boss, Tommy Shelby, and his siblings return to Birmingham post-WWI, having served in the British Army. Shelby and his crew, known as the Peaky Blinders, rule over Birmingham. Shelby’s aspirations, however, reach beyond Birmingham, where he intends to expand his economic Empire and eliminate anybody who stands in his way. The award-winning TV show has 8 seasons and is available on Netflix, Prime Video, and Apple TV. However, if you’re a fan of British shows and you’re living abroad, here’s how to watch them on BBC iPlayer

  • Andor 


You’ll certainly love this one if you’re a Star Wars fan. Andor is considered one of the greatest and arguably the most daring Star Wars shows that Disney+ has produced. Andor, the prequel of Rogue One, follows Cassian Andor, played by Diego Luna, as he flees the Empire and unwillingly joins the resistance. Cassian’s journey is made all the more compelling by clever scripts and enticing side characters such as Luthen played by Stellan Skarsgard, an undercover dealer pulling all the strings to keep the rebellion alive. Meanwhile, Adria Arjona, who plays Bix, is a loyal friend who risks her life for Cassian and Mon Monthma, an ardent senator with difficult decisions to keep hope alive. 

  • WandaVision 


This installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe created much buzz in February 2021. After the finale of “Endgame,” this series focuses on Wanda and her supposedly ideal life with Vision. The miniseries elevated its narrative while simultaneously paying respect to the sitcom subgenre. With numerous unexpected twists and turns, it was equally as exciting as a typical Marvel narrative. The storyline is compelling enough to keep you wondering what will happen next.

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