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I’m Lynnette and I am an accomplished artist and lifestyle expert with 15 years of vegetarian, vegan and raw food experience and 10 years of juice detox fasting experience.
I hold a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from NYC’s School of Visual Arts as well as certificates in health. I’ve conducted lectures and workshops internationally and regularly consult clients in juice detox fasting and raw food preparation…
…but I’m not a raw foodist! I love a warm meal like most folks but at the end of the day I don’t need an advertisement or science to convince me to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. The healing powers of these foods prove themselves time and time again. I feel better, look better and do better the better my diet is…
…Oh, and I’m not a vegan either! Sorry, no dietary labels here.
Instead I choose to eat intuitively — with the balance of knowing what’s best for the body and also believing that there is a spiritual energy to all foods through the people who prepare and present it with love and good intentions. So excuse me if you see me with my mom’s mac and cheese every once in a while!
My guides are created to help you incorporate more raw fruits and vegetables into your diet for maximum health benefits. My mission is not to sacrifice the comfort of certain flavors we’ve all grown accustomed to enjoying, like the smokiness of bacon or the savoriness of cheese. Flavor RULES!
In the ever changing world of health, none of the nutritional suggestions I make can ever be taken as a cure – juice detoxing and raw foods aren’t a cure all, everything does best in balance. No one thing can replace another,                    TRUE treatment is a symbiosis of mind, body and spirit.



All my life I’ve allowed myself to be led by gut, AKA my intuition AKA my internal Google. From randomly buying rice milk at 11 (with my own allowance, no less) to applying to pre-med school to “throwing it all away” to attend art school in New York, only to leave and seemingly “throw away” a successful career — only to return to medicine! WOW. I’ve happily come full circle, connected the dots and now I am able to use it all to help myself and others – and thrown away nothing.
I believe intuition along with nutrition leads to an overall increase in well-being, mentally and physically. Intuition is the foundation of creativity and creativity is the foundation of our lives — without it none of us would be here. When our intuition is in shape we live better and we work better. Devalued foods do nothing more than cloud our intuition, keeping us from our true selves. During a juice detox fast, intuition is at an all-time high, bringing out a sense of enlightenment, clarity and creativity. Having a healthy diet of mainly raw food keeps our gut clean and is one of the best ways to stay tapped into the POWER that all of us possess.



Jesus did it, Buddha did it, Mohammad did it, Scientologists do it, even animals know the secret! Fasting is one of the oldest physical and spiritual treatments known to man.
I began juice detox fasting not only for my physical health but for also my mental and spiritual clarity; detoxing balanced me in a mega city of overscheduled days and unexpected nights. Each season was an anchor to the next. Over the years juice detoxing gave me an opportunity to slowdown within the madness of NYC.
These days modern technology has stressed our lives with a ton of toxic substances, from the air we breathe to the food we eat – and more!  Luckily (and ironically) this same technology has given us the power to help heal ourselves. New research gives us even more insight on the benefits of fruits and vegetables and inventions like the juicer help to deliver those benefits to us better through juice detoxing.
Juice detox fasting is an INCREDIBLE way to eliminate toxins, gain mental and spiritual clarity and of course, lose weight. (It’s also a pretty cool challenge.) It should be practiced several times per year. Our nutrition is our best defense!



Unfortunately there has been a division between food and health — we are living to eat when we should be eating to LIVE! Raw food is the foundation of our evolution and somehow we’ve slowly devolved into a fast food nation. Processing and cooking food devalues it into nothing more than cheap energy with little nutrients. Fruits and vegetables in their raw food state provide those lost nutrients.
Healthy or not, we naturally tend to develop (and keep) a taste for foods from childhood and are less likely to accept new things. Being a raw foodist is a COMPLETE lifestyle change and change can be hard but incorporating more raw foods daily, juice detoxing and slowly developing a taste for some of your favorite foods, in a different way is a guaranteed benefit for health.



We now live in a time where technology gives us more opportunities to research information on our bodies and how we maintain them. We are pressured to be healthy and fit but at the same time we are pressured with advertisements for devalued food that won’t make us either. It’s hard to cut through the noise.
Over the years I’ve used my intuition to make better decisions for myself and my family. Do I put my trust in a food system a few decades old or do I put my trust in a system MILLIONS of years old? At the end of the day I don’t need an advertisement or scientific research to convince me to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and neither should anyone else. It’s pretty obvious.
In a perfect world we’d grow our own food but most of us don’t. I try to grow as much as I can and buy from local farmers markets. My choice for fruits and vegetables are organic, since conventional is quickly becoming devalued through genetic modification. However at the end of the day the organic business is still a business and is susceptible to dishonesty just the same – just much less than conventional. Label reading is crucial; my general rule is to examine any ingredient I can’t pronounce and eat raw food — so I don’t have to read any labels!
I believe that everyone should be a nerd for something, be it comics or chocolate. Passionately being interested and educated on a something gives an INCREDIBLE energy to life. I’ve chosen to be a nerd about nutrition and I hope to maintain a level of integrity with ALL that I share. At the end of the day I’m not perfect and I’m not here to save the planet – I believe we are here to save ourselves individually and through that, the planet is saved.



Essentially, we are ALL experts in health and wellness. We all have lifelong experience, so who should know our bodies better than us right?!
Although I am not a licensed medical professional, I feel comfortable having enough scientific, anecdotal evidence and experience in being able to assist others. Juice detoxing and raw food are some of nature’s oldest medicines and will continue to prove itself as an answer to MANY of our civilization’s sicknesses.

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