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Kitchen Confidence 101: Stop sharing your food?

kitchen confidence

Kitchen Confidence 101: Stop sharing your food?

Do you need a little more kitchen confidence? You know who you are…your friends and family live in fear of being the taste testers to yet another healthy dish they can’t figure out…that you haven’t even figured out…yet.

Seriously folks, stop sharing your food…so soon.

Now don’t get me wrong, not everyone works this way. But the BFF with the fried food obsession or the skeptical husband who hates “anything green” likely does. The thing is, the average tastebud just “isn’t there yet” for food that isn’t bursting with artificial flavors, salts and sugars. Loving something your palate isn’t used to may not happen immediately.

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Instead…when you’ve got something cooking, oblige instead of offer. It’s usually easier to share when the person asks YOU instead of you offering to THEM. New and different experiences can make people defensive, so remember to use your food moves wisely! 

Build your kitchen confidence with the time saving tips below.

Build on what you already know.

Most of us are familiar with hummus but most people don’t realize that  it can be flavored so many ways. Take the protein packed dip to the next level by soaking and sprouting your chickpeas for more nutrition and to aid in digestion. Try my recipe for my Tomato Basil “Pizza” Hummus. 

Modify what you already have.

I don’t mean trying to modify a frozen pot pie but just making the simple switch from refined white sugar to coconut sugar would do wonders. (So would adding greens to your smoothies and drinking more water of course.)

Use the deli and salad bar as your sample lab.

There is so much to try, and since you take only what you need there is no waste. For example, if you’re not sure if red pepper will work for your dish and you don’t want to risk of wasting it, get a slice or two there. Once you become more comfortable with what works for you, you’ll find more ways to use it and then you’ll be able to buy the full size, fresher and cheaper.

Need more kitchen confidence?

The conversation continues in Superfood School, learn more here.

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