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How to Pickle Onions

Reporting live from Croatia, which might be the pickling capital of the world (or at least in the top 10). Luckily I learned how to pickle onions in Mexico, so perhaps I can call my self a connoisseur before I leave! The technique is crazy simple and the shelf life is incredible.

But if you’re in a rush, check out the kitchn’s quick heat based vinegar method here, but if you have time, the slow food raw method pays off in nutrition. Pickling is a form of fermentation and fermentation is a great way to keep your digestive system balanced. Sauerkraut is other great fermented foods. For more details on fermentation check out this guide from Death of the Diet here.


Red Onions

High in Biotin

Reduces inflammation

Excellent source of quercetin (antioxidant)


According to Heal with Food:

“It has also been shown to reduce the risk of stomach cancer: according to one study, half an onion a day could reduce the risk of stomach cancer by 50%.” source




How to Pickle an Onion

Makes one onion


1 Large Red Onion

1tb Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (or just Sea Salt)

1 c Water (if you use Vinegar you will get that “classic” taste but miss the probiotic benefits of fermentation)


Optional Additions

Garlic Cloves

Chili Peppers

Allspice Berries



1. Dissolve salt in water to create a brine

2. Slice onions as preferred (I like 1/4″ rings)

3. Fill all ingredients in a mason jar, leaving about 1″ of top space. If you need more water add 1tb of salt for every extra cup

4. Store away from sunlight, at room temperature for 5-7 days, if using a tight lid, open daily to release gas and check texture

5. Onions are ready when you are satisfied with the texture


These go GREAT with my raw vegan bratwurst sausage over here 

Keep refrigerated 


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