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Food for Life: 5 Foods to Curb Your Alcohol Cravings

People socialize through many ways, one of which is drinking or going to drinking parties. However, as much as it can bring fun into our lives, alcoholic drinks have negative effects on our health and well-being.

Too much alcohol in our system can make us behave differently. Many altercations and conflicts occur in bars and pubs, and it often becomes physical! Long-term drinking can also destroy our liver, leading to organ failure. In the worst cases, drinking too much can lead to death.

People who undergo rehab for alcohol and want to be sober tend to fight their urge to drink it. But let’s face it—it’s difficult!

So, how can we resist the temptation of alcohol? Here are some super foods you can eat to replace alcoholic drinks!


  1. Fruits

First on our list is nature’s candy— fruits!

These have high water content which helps you stay hydrated while keeping sober. Fruits are also great sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber to keep you healthy.

When staying sober, you’ll crave sweets. It’s because sugar can somehow mimic the effect of alcohol in the brain. This is why nature’s candy can be your go-to food whenever you’re craving that cold beer.


  1. Vegetables

Another super food that can help you with your withdrawal are vegetables. Like fruits, these are packed with nutrients and fiber, as well as a high water content to help you overcome your urge.

Green, leafy veggies are best for this purpose; so go ahead and eat that kale salad you’ve always wanted to try!


  1. Probiotic foods

Did you know that long-term heavy drinking destroys your gut? This affects your digestion as well as the absorption of nutrients in your body.

So, when you’re becoming sober, it’s important to heal your gut. You can eat probiotic foods such as yogurt to improve your gut biome. Other foods such as the following can help, too:

  • Kimchi
  • Tempeh
  • Sourdough bread


  1. Nuts and seeds

I know, nuts and seeds go well with beers and drinks on the rocks. But it can also be your go-to food when you’re craving for that buzzing drink!

It’s because nuts and seeds are great sources of healthy fats and minerals that are reduced with alcohol consumption. This can help stabilize your mood as well as improve brain function. Not only that, but these are great to munch on and you can always have a packet with you anywhere you go!


  1. Whole grains

Last on our plant-based alcohol craving reducers are whole grains. These are rich in fiber and B vitamins which can improve your withdrawal symptoms.

Whole grains are also packed with carbs to keep you energized while maintaining a steady blood sugar. So, if you’re feeling nauseous or have an irritable mood, you can consume whole grains to make it all go away!

Sobriety is a complex journey. There are times when you feel like you want to give up and relapse. But with the guidance of the right people, you can shy away from your alcohol consuming days and live an alcohol-free life. Plus, with the right food, you can fight your cravings and continue your sobriety in many more years to come!

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