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Are you a Raw Vegan?

Mostly, but I choose to not label myself, instead I choose to eat intuitively — with the balance of knowing what’s right for my body and also believing that there is a spiritual energy to all foods through the people who prepare and present it to you with love and good intentions 🙂

Doesn’t our bodies detoxify by itself? Why juice detox fast?

If we are so great at detoxifying then why does everyone seem to be sick? Although our bodies are extremely resilient and adaptable, it is not equipped for the daily amount of modern toxins forced upon us through through food additives, the air etc. If our bodies are constantly under the stress of digesting devalued food AND fighting environmental toxins, when does it have time to truly detox? Never really, so regular detoxing is an option to stay maintained in this day and age.

Furthermore, detoxing is a holistic experience that benefits not only the body but the mind and the spirit. Since the beginning of time, humans have used intermittent fasting as a way to reset and reflect. We’ve seen it recorded throughout history with our spiritual and religious leaders. Now more than ever is this important to our well being and longevity.

Do you do consults?

Absolutely and your first one is FREE. I offer a limited amount of 20 minute “jump start” calls per month.

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