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Chocolate Eclair Squares

Live Lynnette Recipe Chocolate Eclair Squares

So I have 3 ways of eating these chocolate eclair bites – call it a menage…well aren’t eclairs from France? 

Anywhoo, this chocolate eclair recipe is clearly NOT the French one, but in true American form, I have created a copy of a copy….of the Good Humor Brand of chocolate eclair ice cream bars (my childhood fave) which are definitely NOT like the French one either!


So since I had to pay an extra bag fee for the 4 kilos of cacao I over packed, I decided to make these for my last two events in L.A. They sampled and sold out pretty quickly and made a mob of new believers, namely Miss Jack Davy, who’s music I’m a huge fan of. 

This recipe is dependent on a good blender. Vitamix, Blendtec or one of the stronger Ninja models. The bottom layer MUST be completely blend into a flour and the top layer MUST be completely whipped into a cream. No substitutions for this one kiddies.

Another must is vanilla bean, as I’ve mentioned before vanilla extract in raw desserts is wack. The alcohol that is in extract never gets to cook off so it tends to ruin the flavor.

And don’t be put off by the sesame seeds! When blended and sweetened, it gives a warm nutty flavor. Think Greek Halva.

Chocolate Eclair Squares

Makes 12 two-inch bars or 96 one-inch bites

2c sesame seeds, soaked (or almond)

2c cashews, soaked overnight

20 dates, soaked (or about 1c date paste)

1/2c cacao powder

1/4 maple syrup, more or less to taste

1 vanilla bean

bits of cacao nibs, optional

1. Reserve 1/4c sesame seeds. Blend remaining into a flour, set aside

2. Blend dates and vanilla, add to the bowl of flour and mix into a dough, add a little water or milk if needed

3. Without cleaning blender, blend cacao and syrup, add cashews. Add some of the soak water if too sticky, as the texture should be a thick cream consistency.

3. On a 13×9″ pan (ideally covered in wax paper) knead out the sesame dough evenly then spread the cacao mixture on top, then sprinkle with reserved sesame seeds. 

4. Freeze in the pan for at least 5 hours, allow to defrost for 5 minutes, cut into bars or bites and store in fridge or freezer, depending on your texture preference. 

Enjoy 3 Ways 

  1.  Let bites defrost for 10 minutes, for a melt in your mouth texture

  2. Enjoy cold as an ice cream bar

  3. Blend half of a bar into a banana + milk based smoothie 

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