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Bedroom Confidence Tips for Men

Sex is one of the most vulnerable states that anybody engages in. It’s vulnerable for women, as you may already know, through society and through cultural references, but it’s even a vulnerable thing for men. Letting down the walls and allowing somebody to get that close to you is a very big deal and therefore it’s a confidence problem that is waiting to happen. Even if everything in the bedroom has always worked out for you, it doesn’t mean you’re never going to experience difficulties.


If you are not a confident person in general, you might find sex to be very overwhelming. You may also find it to be quite terrifying to be that vulnerable with somebody in your life. However, what’s important is learning that just because sex is on the table doesn’t mean that you should be having it unless you feel as confident as possible. Some men take it to heart how vulnerable they can be in the bedroom and therefore need some help with therapies from Male Excel. You shouldn’t allow the potential worry of somebody else with you to make you feel like you shouldn’t be having sex. If you are not completely confident with the person that you are about to sleep with, you probably shouldn’t be sleeping with them in the first place.


You need to be able to boost your confidence in the bedroom so that you feel as good as you can. And here are some of those confidence boosting tips that you need so that your next bedroom experience is a wonderful one and not terrifying.


  • Maintain your presence. One of the hardest things to do is to keep your mind in the bedroom with you. That means focusing on the job at hand. A lot of people struggle with this because. They get too into their heads and they overthink. And when you overthink, that’s when issues with erections can occur and that’s where you will stumble. You need to feel confident when you are in the bedroom with somebody else and that means ensuring that you are working on being in the moment.
  • Make it last. One of the biggest confidence issues, especially for men, is getting to the party too quickly. You can learn to make an orgasm last by delaying it as much as possible with a system known as edging. This is a practice that can help you to delay ejaculation and result in a more intensive orgasm.It can also help you to build some confidence about the control you have over your arousal, which gives you a much deeper appreciation for the sensations of sex.
  • Communicate. One of the biggest issues that people have in the bedroom is that they do not communicate effectively enough with their partners. You should be able to feel relaxed and talk about sex with the person that you are planning to have sex with. If you can’t do that, you have to really question whether they are the right person to be sleeping with in the first place. Communication is the biggest problem in the bedroom because unless you are speaking together and you are discussing what you like and what you don’t like, how are you going to learn?
  • Prepare for it to go wrong. This may sound defeatist, but if you’re preparing for things to go wrong in the bedroom, you are going to be able to laugh at it if it happens. The human body is not infallible, and sex isn’t something that you see in the movies all the time. It doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes your bodies might make fart noises when you are sweating, and sometimes that can be embarrassing and funny all at once. As long as you are aware of the ways that your bodies will be moving together, you’re going to be able to laugh when things feel like they’re about to go wrong. Never underestimate the power of laughing in the bedroom.
  • Exercise. A good way to boost your sexual prowess and confidence is to work on your body so that your body feels good. When you feel like you look good, you are able to move your body in a way that makes you feel powerful and confident when you are having sex. It’s one less thing to worry about, because you won’t be considering that the person looking at you is judging you in any kind of way. You’ll just be excited to be there with them at that moment. 

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