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4 Ingredient Fig Protein Bar Recipe

Like many people, Fig Newton cookies were my first taste of fig bars – luckily I’ve created a moist-er (is that a word?), chewier and of course healthier version…so the Nabisco classic doesn’t have to be my (or your) last taste. And it only requires 4 ingredients. And makes a great breakfast bar!

Dried figs (a good source of fiber and vitamin B6) can be found at most health food stores or online and if for some reason you can’t find figs, you can substitute for raisins or dates, in fact most dried fruits work for this recipe so “go Bubba!” (fig bars, date bars, apricot bars, strawberry bars, the list goes on…

The star of this bar is the mesquite powder, a traditional Native American food produced by grinding ripened seed pods from the mesquite tree into a powder. The seed gives a caramel flavor to smoothies and desserts and is a good source of protein, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. It’s an excellent gluten-free flour. The mesquite gives these fig bars a richer, more complex flavor. For more mesquite and other superfood recipes download my free superfood smoothie recipe book here.


Helps to stabilize blood sugar

Rich in amino acid lysine

5g protein per 2tb serving

Blends great with smoothies especially cacao and maca


4 Ingredient Fig Bar Recipe

Makes about 10 2″ bars


1c (180g) Dried Figs (pre-soak in warm water)
2c (300g) Almonds
1/4c (40g) Mesquite Powder (can substitute for almonds but you will miss the benefit)

Plain or vanilla protein powder of your choice for an extra boost (optional)


1. Process Figs into a thick paste, add a bit of the soak water if it’s too stiff, then set aside

2. Process almonds, powder, syrup and 3tb of fig mix into a dough, add a bit of water if it’s too stiff, divide mix into two bowls

3. Press one bowl of dough evenly into an 8″ lined pan, then evenly spread fig mix then press in remaining dough

4. Refrigerate to set for an hour, slice and store in a covered container at room temperature


Keeps for about a week

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