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Are you on the fastest growing social media app in the world right now? I am and I’m also host to the largest food and plant-based “club” in Clubhouse, the new audio-only social media app which has become a favorite of not only the tech and celebrity worlds but also wellness. The app is currently only available by iphone / iOs andĀ invite only but with almost 10 million people now on the app you are likely connected to someone who can bring you on!

If you are a plant-based professional (chef, brand owner, RD, MD etc), please reach out as we are seekingĀ to add contributors and campaigns to our growing roster of rooms that are broadcast throughout the week alongside brands like Hello Fresh, Pulp Pantry, 4 Sigmatic and more. As one of the first 5,000 people on this app, joining last summer, it’s been awesome to be able to build not only my personal community to over 100k but our Plant-based Club as well. See you inside!




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