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How to #testkitchen: Caramelized Onion & Coconut Bacon Pizza

Today in the #testkitchen is a recipe for Caramelized Onion & Coconut Bacon Pizza

Welcome to #testkitchen – where I find random recipes on the web worth working on 🙂 Customizing other recipes helps you to learn how to make your own to fit your nutritional needs.  


First with flavor, technique later

Things can fall apart (literally) when you start to adjust the techniques of a recipe. So start with seasoning, it’s much easier to recover in case something goes wrong.  After you make it a few times adjust the texture to your liking. 

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Caramelized Onion & Coconut Bacon Pizza


Crispy spiced young coconut bacon, cultured peppercorn cheese and soft caramelized onion come together on a raw buckwheat crust to create this gorgeous explosion of flavor. It’s raw pizza with a gourmet twist! This recipe has quite a few steps involved with various ingredients needing dehydration or culturing, but if you’re looking for raw gourmet at it’s finest this recipe is for you!


At a glance

Entrées & Main Dishes



Pizza Crust (crust recipe by Hannah Mendenhall of

3 c buckwheat groats (soaked and dehydrated)

1 c psyllium husks

1 t Celtic Sea salt

2 c water

1/4 c olive oil

1/4 c Irish moss gel

1 T honey

juice from 1 lemon

Peppercorn Cheese

1 cup of cashews (soaked)

1 cup of hemp seed (soaked, hemp adds a more peppery flavor)

1 cup of water

2 acidophilus pills

1 tsp crushed peppercorns (my way – place peppercorns in a small baggie and use meat tenderizer to crush coarsely)

2 tsp dried thyme leaves

1 T lemon juice

1/2 clove garlic minced

1/4 tsp sea salt

Caramelized Onions

2 onions, thinly sliced

1 T maple syrup

1 T tamari

1 T olive oil

dash of sea salt

Coconut Bacon

1 cup dehydrated coconut

1 T olive oil

1 T tamari

1 T apple cider vinegar

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp chili powder

1/2 tsp paprika

1/4 tsp cayenne


Pizza Crust

1) Grind buckwheat groats, psyllium, and salt into flour.

2) Blend all wet ingredients.

3) In a food processor, slowly pour wet ingredients into flour. Process until doughy.

4) Using buckwheat flour, roll out dough just like you would any other pizza dough. Shape and dehydrate at 105〫F for 24 hours.

Peppercorn Cheese

1) In a high-speed blender, blend the first four ingredients until creamy.

2) In a glass jar, place cheese mixture and let sit uncovered in a dark, slightly warm (90 degrees) place, for about 18 hours (the longer it sits, the more sour it will become.) If you’d like to strain your cheese, reference my Leek and Herb Cheese for instructions.

3) Once fermented, mix in the remaining ingredients. Set aside.

Caramelized Onions

1) Mix all ingredients together and place on a non-stick dehydrator sheet until golden brown (about 6 hours).

Coconut Bacon

1) Mix all ingredients together, making sure coconut is evenly coated. Spread coconut on a dehydrator sheet and dehydrate until crispy and dry (1-3 hours).


1) Gather all ingredients.

2) Spread crust evenly with peppercorn cheese.

3) Top cheese with caramelized onions.

4) Sprinkle generously with coconut bacon.

And, Devour.

Additional Tips

Recipe by Callie England:


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