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How I Eat and How I Can Help You

So, how do I eat?

Well, to be completely honest (as of this writing) I am a plant-based, NYC everything bagel eating, green juice fasting, sushi loving, recovering sugar addicted, raw foodist.

Or, if you’re into numbers, about 80% plant-based raw and 20% “other stuff.”

Perhaps you eat this way too (or you’d like to) or perhaps you’re a raging carnivore ready to transition or maybe you’re 100% vegan looking for food-spiration, no matter who lands here, all are welcome…

How did I get here?

Although I was raised on the Standard American Diet, most of my family’s meals were prepared at home. McDonald’s was a rarity. My first major food move was around age 11 when after an in-depth examination of Salisbury steak, I began to refuse my school’s free lunch and started bringing my own.

I know, maverick move, LOL.

By age 23, my mother was battling a second round of cancer and I was 3 years into a PCOS diagnosis, with no end in sight. Although I wasn’t ready for children, the idea of not being able to have them was scary. As per doctors orders, I was on medication and gained a considerable amount of weight for what was normal for me.

Nothing worked. For 10 years.

It wasn’t until I virtually eliminated all processed food from my diet and increased my fruit and vegetable intake to upwards of 80% that the symptoms were managed. Now they are non-existent. In the event I feel my immunity running low. I am 100%.

As for the 20%, I, like many people don’t live in some sort of “clean quarantine”, so what that percentage consists of varies.

This is what personally works for me.

How can I help you?

I’m here to help you CUT the processed food…and ADD superfood!

But wait! Although some animal products are considered “superfoods,” I am not going to teach you how to prepare them…

The reality is there are more than enough people out there teaching you how to cook a steak. On the other hand there are not enough people out there showing us how to make fresh fruits and vegetables not taste like crap.

My mission is not to sacrifice the comfort of certain flavors we’ve all grown accustomed to enjoying, like the smokiness of bacon or the savoriness of cheese. Each recipe is thoughtfully created with flavor and texture in mind. Flavor RULES 😉

Let’s get more plants on your plate! Message me in the box below for a free 20 min consultation and learn more about my Plant-based meal planning program, Superfood School.


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