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Lavender Iced Tea Recipe

Keep calm…and drink lavender iced tea.

Since being in Europe this Summer,  I’ve been hit with so much of the purple stuff. On the Croatian coast it grows wild and there’s even stores here dedicated to products from the plant. I’ve already become the Bubba Gump of lavender, stocking up on oils, soaps, satchels…I even tried out their instant lavender syrup to make lavender iced tea which turned out to be terrible…

…and since I’ve been trying to grow lavender for the last year (and my time here was running out) I saw this as a sign to get off my ass and make a batch from scratch. 

Although lavender is most known for its aromatherapy benefits, it’s also a soothing digestive.

You may want to add concentrated lavender essential oil to this recipe for this benefit. If you are unfamiliar with using essential oils internally check out this essential oil guide.


Lavender Iced Tea

Makes 2 cups


3tb fresh Lavender or 2tb dried Lavender

2c hot Water

Sweetener to taste

Lemon (optional)


1. Add hot water to pitcher of lavender

2. Allow to cool then strain lavender

3. Add lemon and sweetener

4. Refrigerate


TIP: I always let the tea cool naturally and never add ice. Since lavender is already such a light flavor, adding ice will water it down too much. If you’re entertaining it’s also cool to freeze extra tea for ice cubes. 

Coffee lover? Try this Lavender Latte!




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