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Juice Bars

Don’t see your city?

Check the closest location so that you can compare it to your local juicers — or shoot me an email to a menu and I’ll help you find the best juice!

You can also leave a link to you local juice spot in the comments below to help spread the word to others. Help this list grow!


  • Ideally your juices should be organic and raw/cold pressed, especially when fasting, only the best should be reaching your belly to help it do it’s job.
  • Compromising on cold pressed gets you a less nutritious juice that has been zapped by pasteurization.
  • Overlooking the organic gets you potential pesticides.
  • The next most important thing when juicing on the go is sugar. Once you disrupt that balance it can be hard to keep going. The mental ties to sugar are heavy!
  • Although apple is definitely sugary, it is the most common fruit you will find in green juices. However, pineapple is a problem as its much sweeter, try to avoid these types of green juices on the fast.


As the price of your juice lowers, these are the qualities that can be affected.



1987 Juices
The Green Mile
Four Leaf Clover

Kreation Juicery
Green 2
Green 3
Green 4



Juice Press
Mother Earth
Soul Garden
Simple Green
Green Day
Anti Aging

Green it on!



Fruve Juicery
Green Machine
Greens + Lemon

Chicago Raw
Signature Green Juice

Picante Verde
Green Glow
Cucumber Mint


Project Juice
Deep Green
Green Ginger
Green Lemon

Thrive Juicery
Green Machine
Green Dream

Super Juiced Oakland
Emerald Glow
Verdolaga Glow


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