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Join Me in June for a Juice Fast!

ready for a reset?

If you’re just tuning in, juicing is my jam and one of the biggest keys to my wellness. Over the last 15 years I’ve combined the latest research with my real-life experience to complete over 30 fasts.  In addition to helping others over the years at retreats, I created a guide to teach anyone, anywhere the foundation of fasting and how to avoid common complications (or at least how to be prepared for them).

My method is one found at many of top wellness centers around the world that skips the sugar crash that gives fasting a bad name in favor of more protein and nutrients per serving. There is also a meal plan included to help end the fast safely.

The guide was originally titled SuperFAST but was recently renamed Reset With Lynnette to reflect more of a connection with fellow fasters. After a few seasons, I realized that most signups happen during the actual time that I fasted so I’m now happy to offer more support during this fast to help others.

So, over the course of my fast (June 1-14)  and the entire month of June I’ll be offering daily, weekly and 1 on 1 virtual sessions to help support you if you decide to join.

learn how to make this mind + body medicine work for you!

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