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Israeli Salad Recipe

I was definitely having an “I miss NYC” moment when I made this Israeli Salad. The mix of cucumber and tomato was a summer staple for me in the Big (kinda rotten) Apple – along with falafel of course. My tastebuds grew up there, and I often miss the variety of food from all over the world, especially healthy bites like this.

Although everything about this salad is beneficial, the standout is the cucumber (96% water) that makes it one of the most hydrating salads around. TIP! Be sure to remove the wax from your cucumber or better yet buy organic to insure the wax isn’t petroleum based. 



Technically a fruit

96% Water

Rich in insoluble fiber (optimizes digestion)

Contains several B Vitamins (stress busters)

According to Jewish publication J Weekly 

The “Israeli Salad” title isn’t exactly accurate, It is known by several different names in Israel, check out the name change here.


Israeli Salad Recipe

Serves 2-4


3 Plum Tomatoes

1/4c Oil

1/8c White Wine Vinegar or Lemon Juice

½ Onion

1 Cucumber

Salt and Pepper to taste

Olives (Optional)

Za’atar (a middle eastern savory spice mix) optional. Learn more here


1. Dice tomatoes, onion and cucumber

2. Whisk liquid ingredients with seasonings

3. Combine and serve


Best consumed immediately. Keeps for a week

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