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Seriously Cranberry Juice Recipe

Apparently the Coke owned “Simply” juice brand is actually not so simple. Apparently you can store this stuff for like, ever and it doesn’t spoil…and I like to eat by the phrase, “If it’s good for you, it can go bad and if it’s bad for you — then it can’t.” So….

…a bag of fresh cranberries randomly came my way and I had very little time to figure out what to do with them. I use them fresh so rarely that I hadn’t even added them to my produce storage guide. So of course I just juiced them.

The best way to juice cranberries is by squeezing the hell out of them in the masticating juicer but the blender works too. I had a friend in town and since we were too busy making silly videos like this, I went for the easy clean up blender method.

Homemade cranberry juice tastes just as terrible as the pricey pure cranberry juice that I buy so I was satisfied with the results! However cranberry juice is EXCELLENT to blend so I added it to my morning mix for a big Vitamin C and manganese boost.


Cranberry Juice Recipe


1 part cranberries to 1 part water


1. “Simply” blend + strain! Tastes best mixed with juices, teas or whatever you please.

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